About Us

ZerOne is an established automobile performance parts company based in Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia. In line with our strong growth, we have established a large office, warehouse and distribution facility. We have the facility to handle large quantities of outgoing stock, packaging and outgoing deliveries. Hence, ZerOne is able to continue to grow in the supply of performance parts throughout the world.

ZerOne produces and supplies only performance parts of the highest quality. We absolutely refuse to sell any second hand, inferior or parts of low standard. If we are not happy with the quality, construction or performance of a product that we produced, we will remove it immediately from sale. We strive to offer our customers only the best and high-quality products. The prices of our products are very competitive and reasonable too.

ZerOne Safety Bar

What is a chassis?

A chassis acts as the main structure of a vehicle while all the other components are assembled to the frame.

Passengers cars

The common passenger cars cater to many needs and comfort is one of them. To provide a comfortable ride, a vehicle’s suspension and springs will be adjusted accordingly. However, such a soft setup will affect the handling of the vehicle. This include an increase in body roll in an emergency stop, and the result is more forces to the front of vehicle, prompting poor steering response, braking power and finally, increased potential for accidents.

Strut Bar & Lower Bar

Both sides of impact will be neutralized after equip with the ZerOne strut bar and lower bar. ZerOne strut bar and lower bar will spread out the impact to stabilize the vehicle and provide solid handling.

Anti Roll Bar

The Upgrade version of ZerOne anti roll bar will prevent the car sway aside effectively and reduce the body roll and high stability while making a turn

Side Bar

ZerOne side bar will reduce the damage from side impact and stabilize the weight transfer between front and rear

The benefit of using ZerOne car safety bar

– Advance car handling & stability
– Enhance the car safety & comfort
– Improve braking performance
– Decreasse chassis flex & noise
– Reduce body roll up to 40%
– Maintenance free